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Бичсэн Админ   
2010 оны 6-р сарын 16, Лхагва гариг, 22:06

Addressing aid effectiveness

The Platform promotes the principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action for sustainable results on the ground.

A neutral convening power

The Platform provides a forum in which members and partners come together to build consensus around critical or emerging issues and formulate joint approaches.

Adding value

The Platform adds value to the individual efforts of its members by facilitating the exchange of their development know-how. The sharing processes consolidate into a robust knowledge base which the Platform uses for example in their joint advocacy work.

Experience exchange

By providing entry points to information and space in which policymakers and practitioners can share knowledge, Platform members enhance their capacity to effectively support their clients in agriculture and rural development.

Why? - Cutting edge knowledge in agriculture and rural development is often dispersed between agencies, leading to duplication of efforts and delays in the uptake of best-practice.

Evidence-based advocacy

Speaking with ‘one joint donor voice’, the Platform raises the profile of agriculture and rural development in policy debates, conferences and workshops on international, regional and national levels.

Why? - The potential to redouble poverty reduction efforts by focussing on country-level rural development interventions are seldom understood.

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